2011: 31 Days of Play

We hope you’ve enjoyed AP Month as much as we have!  Plan some play time every day and bookmark us here at AP Month Central to re-access handy reminders on all the benefits of play as well as the resources. What’s a better to say farewell to AP Month featuring Families at Play than a little parade […]


It’s our last day of AP Month and our last day of the API online auction.  If you haven’t placed a bid yet, this is the big day!  And fitting right in with the day’s play idea, check out and bid on Pure Play Kid’s Scavenger Hunt Game! We’re thrilled to share a final fun […]


“Since sensory input is the raw material – the ONLY raw material for brain development and learning, it is vital that the multi-various sensations be organized quickly and accurately. While most of us are used to thinking about vision and hearing as the main senses involved in learning, they are actually small in quantity compared […]


Touch can be an important feature of play and is one of the earliest ways we engage in play with our children.  The benefits of touch continue throughout the lifespan and often our challenge as parents is how to keep up nurturing touch as our children grow.  We’re pressed to discover new and acceptable ways […]


Spend some time today playing outside and considering and even talking about ways you and your family can get even more outdoors time.  Has there ever been a better toy than a stick!??  What about open green spaces to race, ramble and tumble in or climbing trees or rocks to conquer?  Or even just the […]

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Who said you can’t play with your food?!  Plan a meal today that allows your imagination to take over.  Create a forest of broccoli that is covered in “snow” (Parmesan cheese or ranch dressing), serve an octopus (1/2 hot dog with spaghetti inserted, then boiled), a monster veggie plate, or let your child create their […]


Surprise your kids today by throwing around some toilet paper rolls!  Take turns becoming a mummy.  Pretend you are winning the big race and break through the tape.  Become a sports star and run into the field breaking the banner.  Create snow from the squares and have a snowstorm in your house!  Sing “Let It […]