2011 October 29 – London Bridge

October 29, 2011

Touch can be an important feature of play and is one of the earliest ways we engage in play with our children.  The benefits of touch continue throughout the lifespan and often our challenge as parents is how to keep up nurturing touch as our children grow.  We’re pressed to discover new and acceptable ways to maintain this important and necessary demonstration of our care and affection.

Luckily, play is also an important feature of the human lifespan and a key feature of children of every age!

Today play some games of touch – remember London Bridge?  Circle songs that include holding hands like Ring Around the Rosies and clapping games like Miss Mary Mack are contact games.

Don’t forget about the rough-and-tumble play!  Many kids really enjoy and benefit from physical contact so break new ground today and give it a try!  Chase and capture games are great and can be played at any age in ways that are non-threatening.  Tumbling and acrobatics can be fun to try too.  Ever attempted a family pyramid?!  Remember Sumo wrestling from earlier this month?  Keep at it and you’ll get better and have more fun and you might be surprised to find your earlier tensions have melted a bit!

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