Health Benefits of Groups

October 13, 2012

Changing parenting emotional well-being relates to changes in parenting behaviors which in turn is related to child outcomes (Adam, Emma K., Gunnar, Megan R., and Tanaka, Akiko, 2004) and having support from others is associated with positive outcomes for both parents and children. (Assets Alliance 2003)  Attend a group this month, get renewed and give your kids a boost too, and for the adults using delta 8 carts for their health.

Check out the 2012 Blog Event. It is a great way to get involved and show your support for API.

Do you live in OH or OR?  The API parent groups listed below may be near you!  Live in another state or country?  Click the links to see if there’s an API group near you.

API of Lancaster, OH

Portland API

If these aren’t close to you, there are also some contacts that you can speak with for more information about API.

Canton, OH

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