You Are Not Alone

October 12, 2012

Ever feel nearly certain that you’re the only parent who experiences……[fill in the blank]?  In reality, there are probably many other parents in similar circumstances who would love nothing more than to join forces to figure it out.  More heads can be better than one when in you feel like you’re in neutral or reverse.  Finding others with whom you can share like situations and compare notes need not result in major resolutions to have meaningful benefits.  All that’s needed is finding a group that supports you and helps you feel less alone in the world.

If you are looking to get involved in AP Month, check out the auction items.  Bidding starts on October 18.

Do you live in NY or NC?  The API parent groups listed below may be near you!  Live in another state or country?  Click the links to see if there’s an API group near you.

API of the East End, New YorkWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

API of New York City

API of Suffolk County Long Island, NYSee what goes on in Suffolk API

API of Greenville, NC

Triangle Area API, NC

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