Welcome to AP Month 2010! Today we’re “Full of Love!”

October 1, 2010

Make a meal today as a family.  Get everyone involved in a task and have fun enjoying the different textures, sights, smells (and messy fun) of the food.

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Welcome to AP Month 2010’s “Full of Love” Daily Calendar!  Each day we’ll offer simple ideas and ways you can fill your children “Full of Love” to keep the attachment between you secure and the habits healthy.

We don’t claim any new technological advances in these daily posts, just simple reminders of easy ways we can encourage strong, healthy relationships and bodies every day.

Take what works for you, leave the rest and if you’re inspired, leave us comments to share how these daily reminders worked for you!  Or, tell us what you did instead that was awesome and related to our theme this month of “Full of Love:  Parenting to meet the emotional and physical needs of children.”

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Bon appetite!

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