Welcome to AP Month 2010!

June 21, 2010

2010 AP Month focus is on “Full of Love:  Parenting to meet emotional and physical needs for children.”

AP Month Childhood Obesity Prevention Recipe:

Learning about, buying, making and serving the healthiest foods for my family each week:  $100

Playing ball with the kids outside after work:  $10 (lost ball allowance)

Preventing my child’s need for “comfort food”  through a secure attachment:  priceless

Here at API, we believe that secure attachments are so foundational to overall health, they should have their own RDA. Through AP Month this year, we seek to incorporate secure attachments into the great cultural cook and play books of “Good Health.”

Absent the essential ingredient of caring adult-child relationships, our children are unable to effectively self regulate and may turn more readily to ineffective, even harmful substitutes.  Junk snacks and sedentary activities are readily available and too frequently and stealthily transformed into unhealthy emotional comforts.

But simply changing these two variables is only part of improving the health recipe.  Making sure our children are emotionally full with meaningful connections and secure attachments to us is one of the best ways we can help reduce their reliance on emotional connections to food, low activity, other unhealthy substances, people or objects.  We want our children attached securely to us, not other things, but we all need help and support to do this.

That’s where AP Month comes in!  Stay tuned to hear more about how we can establish healthy positive connections as an important part of our child’s diet.

Join with us as we work to draw attention to and work to provide the support and information necessary for parents to raise whole, healthy, strong children who posses healthy emotional and physical appetites.  Healthy connections are indeed the foundations for healthy bodies.

3 Ways you can help make AP Month a success:

1. Get involved in the events through the rest of the month! 

2. Get noticed:  Be a Sponsor. Be seen by a list of over 100,000 individual online charitable auction fans! 
Contact us to take advantage of promotional opportunities for your business or to pledge your individual support.

3. Tell Your Friends. Blog us, tweet us, Facebook this auction, use our Refer a Friend feature–or use plain old email!

Help us insert the missing ingredient in childhood obesity prevention:  Secure attachments!

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