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Just as children are absolutely dependent on their parents for sustenance, so in all hut the most primitive communities, are parents, especially their mothers, dependent on a greater society for economic provision. If a community values its children it must cherish their parents. Bowlby, J. (1951). Maternal care and mental health. World Health Organization Monograph(Serial No. 2). It […]


Friends are cherished

October 28, 2014

Friends… they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams. – Henry David Thoreau It’s so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that’s what I get from these older black women, that every soul is to be cherished, that every flower Is to bloom. – Alice Walker No matter […]


API Cherishes Parents

October 25, 2014

API works to turn the parenting puzzle around. We believe in parents.  We believe that every parent deserves free access to complete information about parenting and childhood.  It need not be overwhelming, just complete and accurate.  And leave the blame behind. Moreover, we believe that information is not enough.  Information oozes from every device and drowns us these […]


Who helps your flourish?

October 23, 2014

You know you can’t do everything on your own. But, did you know that having the right friends and support system can help you flourish. “A friend is a second self.” ― Aristotle Our real friends are an extension of ourselves, and without them we cannot flourish. Even if it is only one or two […]


Unraveling Stress

October 19, 2014

We know so much about the harm of stress – what it does to us as well as our relationship with our children and others around us.  But what do we know about it’s unraveling?  How do we actually go about unraveling it? Maybe your list includes taking in a cup of warm tea when […]


Who Cherishes You?

October 17, 2014

Take five minutes today and instead of going on Facebook, or using whatever your digital time filler / vice may be, write a list of 10 adults in your life who cherish you. These can be people from your past or present, people from all aspects of your life. Who are your champions?  Who makes […]



October 13, 2014

Merriam-Webster defines cherish as:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download a :  to hold dear :  feel or show affection for b :  to keep or cultivate with care and affection :  nurture  What makes you feel cherished?  Are there people you enjoy being around because they bring out these feelings?  Or maybe it […]