About AP Month

Attachment Parenting Month, or “AP Month,” is a month-long event that we host every October.  Our vision for AP Month is to celebrate parents, families and communities by channeling one strong voice  through coordinated and shared thematic activities, events and information.

The timely annual themes allow us to creatively celebrate and share support, information and fun across the month.

Parents, groups and leaders can get involved in several ways:

  • Send your photos to help us get a picture of  how you interpret and relate to our theme in your lives.
  • Subscribe to APtly Said (API’s blog) for daily doses of support on our theme.
  • Email development@attachmentparenting.org to donate items to our online auction (proceeds benefit API’s mission).
  • Share AP Month with everyone you know.

What: Attachment Parenting International (API), along with the Sears family and other prominent AP supporters, declared October to be Attachment Parenting (AP) Month.  API has been celebrating AP Month every October since 2008.


Who: All parents, AP partners and like minds around the world are invited and encouraged to join with us during Attachment Parenting Month.


AP Month Goals:

  1. Unify the AP voice. 
  2. Offer parents and adults support and confidence.
  3. Promote awareness of AP.
  4. Educate about API, other AP Month sponsors and their services.
  5. Provide a source of funds to support the API mission.