2013 Blog Event

Share your creativity!

One of our popular AP Month activities, the Blog Event, will be  inviting submissions in the months leading up to October.

Each invitation will be on a topic related to our 2013 APM theme of parenting creatively.  Blogs that best illustrate the topics will be selected for showcasing during AP Month in October on APtly Said.

Check out the guidelines below, mark your calendars for invitation dates and get ready to send in your creative moments in parenting!

1. Write a blog post on the topic provided for each invitation period.

May 13 – 17

Give us your all!  Tell us about any and all of your most creative moments in parenting!  Ideas might include:  how you routinely engage creatively with your children and family; how you’ve shared creative time together with different aged children;  how you’ve  relied on creative solutions to relieve tense moments; how you’ve creatively met your own self-care needs; how you’ve creatively diffused criticisms; how you’ve creatively worked with other caregivers (your spouse, partner, teachers, sitters) in parenting; how you’ve creatively arranged employment and even how challenging it’s been to be creative in any or all of these situations and the ways you continue to try to grow.

June 10-14

With Father’s Day coming up, are you planning any crafts for your children?  What are your children’s favorite crafts?  Where do you come up with new inspiration for crafts?  Do you think these enhance your child’s creativity when you do these type of activities?

July 15-19

What do you think is most beneficial for your child about outdoor activities?  What are your families favorite outdoor activities?  Do you think you you are more flexible as a parent during the summer time?

August 12-16

Tell us a time you were about to parent conventionally, or had problem to solve, and took time to try a different approach and the result?  Or a time you felt like you were really engaged in the ART of parenting? And it’s not that you necessarily invented the solution, maybe it’s even what you didn’t do.

For example: My daughter was  in my arms at 3 3/4, looking up and after a month of not nursing, stating she would really like to nurse. At 5 months pregnant and really finding it hurt, I just couldn’t imagine starting up again. I search what to say and just looked at her.  She just snuggled in and said “I’m going to pray about that” and hugged me.  I felt like a parent –  usual self would have had to say just the right words, and she already had her own.

September 9-13

Check out the article 15 Creative Traits You Can Master.  Which of these traits do you feel is most important in parenting and which traits do you need to work on?

2. Kindly remove any promotional and advertisement features from your posts.

3. We loves photos!  So, if you have one to include, please send it (with proper credit and license).

4. Submit a link to your post via email to apiblog@attachmentparenting.org with a short message that the post is part of the AP Month 2013 blog event.

5.  API will review all submissions and feature those that most closely demonstrate our AP Month theme.

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