2012 Blog Event

Tell us your stories of support!

One of our popular AP Month activities, the Blog Event, will be running during October showcasing your blog posts that best demonstrate our AP Month theme of “Relax, Relate, Rejuvenate:  Renewed with Parent Support.”

We’ll select and feature blogs to showcase in the October-long, AP Month Blog event that will run on API Speaks and best demonstrate our theme so, check out the guidelines below, warm up your fingers and get ready to send in your entry for consideration!

1. Write a blog post that illustrates ways social group support has been beneficial to (or absent from) your parenting – and your sanity!  Ideas should be about groups, but might cover (but are not limited to):

  • ways you regularly rely on,  access or wish to gain group support
  • ways you find group support to be stress reducing
  • benefits you’ve found from group support
  • surprising benefits you’ve realized from group support
  • breakthrough moments you’ve experienced with group support
  • struggles getting regular group support

2. Kindly remove any promotional and advertisement features from your posts.

3. Publish your post to your blog with the following text (including hyperlinks):

This post is part of the Attachment Parenting Month blog event, hosted by Attachment Parenting International.

Learn more by visiting API Speaks, the blog of Attachment Parenting International.

4.  Once your post is completed and publicly viewable, submit a link to your post via email to apispeaks@attachmentparenting.org with a short message that the post is part of the AP Month 2012 blog event.

5.  API will review all submissions and feature those that most closely demonstrate our AP Month theme.

Please note that in order to participate in the AP Month 2012 blog event, the post must be published and publicly viewable.

If you do not have a blog, but would like to submit a guest post for AP Month, please email apispeaks@attachmentparenting.org to make arrangements.