2012 Photo Event

Our most popular AP Month activity is back!  Check out the photo gallery on API’s Facebook page and “Like” your favorites starting October 1!

Celebrating our theme of support this year, we’re asking to see your photos of you with your support groups!  The photo should reflect you with the group of people who regularly provide you support in ways that in turn, support  your parenting.  The group need not be focused on parent support, but should be a group that brings you relaxation, relationship, rejuvenation and renewal.

Photos that best match our guidelines will be featured on the API FaceBook site during October.  Everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorites and API may feature up to 5 photos account those photos in API publications!

Guidelines to submit your photos for consideration:

  1. Send your photos to to photocontest@attachmentparenting.org
  2. Email subject should read “2012 APM photo event”
  3. Include your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number at the beginning of your message.
  4. Subjects in your photos need to give their permission to use the photo for these purposes.
  5. Only one submission per person.
  6. Preference will be given to personal, candid photos.
  7. There is no fee to participate.
  8. Submissions can be any size, black-and-white or color, and should be attached to the e-mail message as a JPG or TIF.

Eligible participants:

Photos may be submitted by API members (including API Leaders and members of the API Professional Associates and API Professional Colleague programs), as well as non-members. Members of API’s Volunteer Staff cannot participate in this event, although API Leaders who do not serve in another API staff position are welcome to participate.

Our gratitude:

  1. Up to 5 photos will be selected by a committee to be featured in upcoming API publications.   Locations for photo publication include all of API’s websites and electronic publications such as the API homepage and website, AP Month Central, API Links, The Attached Family Magazine and e-zine, Parenting this Week and API Speaks blog.
  2. Recognition to the photographers of the favorite photos will also be given via the API website and through other API publications.

Permissions and Use:

By sharing your photo, you are agreeing to the following:  The photo submitted by you is your personal, original work, and you hereby give API permission to freely use the photo on its website, in its publications, or in any of its materials with any resulting proceeds to fully benefit API as an organization.  Subjects in your photos need to give their permission to use the photo for these purposes.

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