2016 AP Month Theme: Nurturing Peace for World Harmony

May 18, 2016

Testing, testing……..(is this thing on????) Welcome AP Month – backstage!  We’re preparing for 2016 AP Month and focusing on the ways that parents can Nurture Peace for World Harmony.

How do we thrive  – and help our children thrive – in such negative and violent times?

Relentlessly blaring headlines are enough to drive us into hiding, but that’s just not possible or helpful. What to do?

Here at API we keep a steady stream of upbeat messages coming your way and it ramps up during AP Month in October. We get a bit louder as we celebrate AP with partners and sponsors, celebrate the challenges as growth, identify the good support, figure out the helpful and seek the uplifting.  It’s all a big month-long antidote to the negatives.  Even better, tapping into us throughout the year keeps goodness on the front burner.

During October we provide some tools to help you face all that life (and your child!) throws at you because we know that when you’re feeling supported, you’re Nurturing Peace for World Harmony and your children thrive.

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