Everyone Needs a Hug

October 21, 2012

Daily hassles are real, so is our physiological response to a “group hug.”  Did you know that daily hassles are actually studied?  The accumulation of minor stresses is real and the buildup can be real and the effects are real and have real impact on our parenting and families and other relationships.  But did you know that being physically close to caring people raises your oxytocin levels?  Breastfeeding and caring for your babies and children can certainly increase oxytocin, but adults benefit from adult company.  Support, the oxytocin boost, the company and conversation that comes from those caring adult relationships are natural stress busters.

Check out the 2012 Photo Event.  It is a great way to get involved and show your support for API.

Do you live in Norway?  The API parent groups listed below may be near you!  Live in another state or country?  Click the links to see if there’s an API group near you.

API of Oslow, Norway

Auction is now open.  Check out what is going on!

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