Making New Friends

October 7, 2012

Friendships are often key ingredients to the success of many groups, but friendships can take time to develop – they’re not always instantaneous or magical.  Friendships often form over time through shared experiences and deepening respect and appreciation.  The more exposure you have to other caring parents, the better your chances to make new, lasting and meaningful friends.

If you are looking to get involved in AP Month, check out the auction items.  Bidding starts on October 18.

Do you live in KS or MD?  The API parent groups listed below may be near you!  Live in another state or country?  Click the links to see if there’s an API group near you.

API of Topeka, KS

API of Frederick, Maryland

API of Upper Montgomery County

If these aren’t close to you, there are also some contacts that you can speak with for more information about API.

Frederick County, Maryland

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