Benefits of Groups

October 5, 2012

Groups can be gateways to new friends, new information and can even provide relief from minor stresses.  Many parents seek groups that are positive, warm, optimistic and validating and find that these characteristics provide a caring and safe environment. Even if personal views are gently stretched on occasion, there can exist a tone of respect that overrides fear and negative criticism.

Check out the 2012 Blog Event.  It is a great way to get involved and show your support for API.

Do you live in HI or IL?  The API parent groups listed below may be near you!  Live in another state or country?  Click the links to see if there’s an API group near you.


Lake County API

Naperville APISee what goes on in Naperville API

If these aren’t close to you, there are also some contacts that you can speak with for more information about API.

Champaign-Urbana area

Schaumberg area

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