2011 October 11 – Laundry Games!

October 11, 2011

Chores are neverending but laundry (your favorite right?!) can be so much more than laundry (groan).  It can be a basket of games in disguise!

Have you held a color sorting game before loading in the dirties?  Imagine you’re in a sea of laundry and there’s an island of color(rainbows) and an island of lights (cream puffs) and the kings and queens of each island go out into the sea of laundry to collect the right jewels to add to their treasure trove.

When these lovely organic cotton PJs are nice and warm and dry make a laundry mountain like a pile of leaves.  Anyone who rolls in this pile of “leaves” gets to play the pick up game to  fold it, put it in the pile of the correct family member or both. Blindfold older kids and see if they can guess whose clothing they’ve picked up!  See if they can fold it correctly!

Yep, I hear the protests, the guffaws and you’re right:  your kids might not do it, the laundry will take FOREVER to arrive at it’s destination, things will get lost, things will be wrinkled, it’ll take three times the effort and maybe things even end up a little dirty again too.  But the fun might just be worth it even if you play alone and the bonus is that laundry doesn’t have to be a chore for anyone (unless you still want it to be!)

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