2011 October 6 – Sumo, play and touch

October 6, 2011

Sounds like a joke is coming right? Actually, sumo wrestling with your kids can be a great way to burn off some energy, engage in nurturing touch and of course, play!

Small and even indoor spaces can work well as the simple object is to face your partner, lock arms with heads nearly touching and try to push each other from the designated area/ring! Dont keep score and obviously parents have to play with a disadvantage, but notice strategy and make up variations and more elaborate (funny even) rules as you go and as ages and needs dictate. Play on one leg! With one arm behind your back! Wearing funny hats -and no laughing!  It’s really easy to go right into rough and tumble play!

Sumo might also be a great activity for older kids who would love nothing more than to push around their parents for a change (and parents who would love nothing more but to connect with their older children who no longer accept hugs!)

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