2011 October 2 – Crown Day!

October 2, 2011

Tag!  You’re it!

Did you make a commitment to play with your children every day this month?

Think now about what times during each of the days of the week would meet most everyone’s availability to play  – just a little?   Can you think of any transition times that might be particularly interesting to try to insert a little fun?

Race ya to the car!

Today the king has decreed that in your kingdom, everyone wears a pretend crown today before attending the great (dinner) feast!  All loyal subjects must quickly find and wear a “non-crown crown” (sock? shorts? handbag? towel? etc…) as soon as they arrive at the kingdom before the great feast!  At the feast, all loyal subjects tell great stories of their crown and their royalness (silliness?) during the day!

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