AP Month 2011

March 29, 2011

Welcome to AP Month Central!

We’re in the process of updating AP Month Central to reflect the 2011 theme and activities so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we invite you to begin planning your AP Month involvement!  Here’s how:

1. Get noticed:  Be a Sponsor. Be seen by a list of over 100,000 individual online charitable auction fans! 
Contact us to take advantage of promotional opportunities for your business or to pledge your individual support.  Pass along this opportunity to any business you think would benefit from this promotion.

2. Donate items or solicit donated items for the AP Month Online auction. Help us grow AP Month by joining in this exciting and fun fund raising activity!  Do you know anyone who would be willing to donate items toward strengthening healthy parent-child relationships?  Donated items might include books, dvds, consulting, classes, art, collectibles, memorabilia, gift certificates, event tickets, holidays, jewelry, unique gifts, etc.

3. Tell Your Friends. Blog us, tweet us, Facebook this auction, use our Refer a Friend feature–or use plain old email!

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