AP Month 2009 Children’s Essay Presentation

October 25, 2009

In October, parents helped their children write essays describing what it means to be a child “Attached at the Heart through the Years.” In our first year offering this essay option, we had a single entry. We invite visitors to read what this four year old had to say about her AP family!

I love my Daddy but he’s at work right now. He draws with me. I love it when he tells me to blow out the candles, I love to blow out candles. I love my Daddy, he’s my favorite one and he loves me so. I love Daddy and Mama, she’s my favorite mama. They’re both my favorites. She helps me to find out where is everything and shows me the way. She helped me paint and I help cook sometimes. Mama, I love you. My Mama loves me to help. And she’s with me everyday. My favorite part of this day is writing this fee-mail. Or it’s a essay. The last thing is I love my Mama, I love her, because she’s my Mama.

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