Welcome to AP Month Central – 2009!

May 25, 2009

Welcome to AP Month Central, the site for all information related to the 2009 Attachment Parenting Month celebrations!

When our children grow, they depend on us to grow right along with them.  Changes that growth brings are positive, but can be very often be challenging without sufficient resources and support.  When we have the information and support necessary to navigate through these ongoing transitions, we’re very often able to understand and appreciate the process more, struggle less and thus free ourselves to enjoy some of life’s most enriching and rewarding experiences. Our children carry these mosaic experiences silently within themselves throughout their lives and are impacted in subtle and dramatic ways for years to come.

This month, we celebrate our second annual Attachment Parenting Month with a theme of “Attached at the Heart Through the Years”  reminding us that secure attachments with our children are not only dynamic, long-lasting, but each interaction presents a fresh chance to improve our relationship with our children.

Join us with our our partners and sponsors in celebrating Attachment Parenting Month this October and discover new and enduring traditions that help us stay close as we become and remain “Attached at the Heart Through the Years”.

Looking for an easy way to participate in AP Month:? Enter our contests! We offer several contests this year in order to draw in a wide range of experiences and participation as we demonstrate our theme of  ‘Attached at the Heart Through the Years.”

CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINES EXTENDED! Enter our contests now through October 19 and be considered for fabulous prizes including subscriptions, memberships, books, games and of course, publication!

Check back frequently or consider subscribing to our RSS feed so that you can keep up to date as we add more information to this site. Should you have any questions, please contact API and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Join our AP Month Carnival of Blogs and stay tuned to find out about guest bloggers!

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