2011 October 24 – “No hide” and seek

October 24, 2011

Whether you have a baby and play peek-a-boo, or a 12 year old who knows the perfect place to hide hide-and-seek has been a favorite for ages.  However, today, play a variation of this classic and just “forget” to see your kids!  Accidentally sit on them, make the bed with them in it, fold the laundry with them in the middle, pick them up as if a piece of furniture, and always ask “WHERE IS JACK?”  This can bring a smile to their face and make your daily tasks more playful.

Other ideas for playing hide and seek with younger children include hiding objects like an Easter egg hunt and of course, helping your child into a safe hiding place then pretending not to find them!  Many younger children love to “hide” in the same place over and over and enjoy “tricking” their parents!

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