2011 October 23 – The Great Taper

October 23, 2011

Wanna have some REAL fun?  Get over all the expensive toys and go buy some different widths of painters* or masking tape and let the frenzy begin!

Tape is easily applied and removed from floors and furniture and can be used to create roads for toys, pathways for people, and gameboards for creative games.  Get into the tape craze and help the kids or come up with your own variations.

Doorways are optimal for learning about spiderwebs.  Little ones can just create their own designs, and older children may want to do some research to see how spiders create them.  After construction, everyone can gently throw tape balls to create a new sticky game!

*Painters tape is generally blue and less tacky/more easily removed.  Artist tape is also great, low tack, multicolored and various widths.

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