AP Month

Perfectionism and Creativity

October 13, 2013

We’re often worrisomely, busily going about doing all the “right” things for the love of our children and a desire for them to have the “best” opportunities and advantages in life.  It’s easy to get carried away sometimes without realizing it. We all have perfectionist tendencies that we use in healthy ways to think convergently […]

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Today’s post is sponsored by: A recent study published in the Creativity Research Journal indicates that parenting style makes a difference in child creativity.  The authoritarian parenting style, characterized by high expectations and low warmth expression, is negatively related to child creativity.   Of the four parenting styles identified by developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind, the most […]


Creativity in Children

October 11, 2013

Creativity is independent of economic status and it doesn’t require special materials, classes or teachers.  It’s freely available to everyone and most easily accessible by our imaginative children.  Even if we don’t feel particularly creative ourselves, we can nurture our children’s creativity, and our own.  Creativity is born of inspiration which come from a variety […]


Creative Problem Solving

October 10, 2013

“Children are excellent problem solvers and have many creative ideas for helpful solutions.”  Many of us have had firsthand experience with author Jane Nelson’s statement.  Still, sometimes, it can be hard for us to accept unconventional solutions.  Nelson provides additional guidance and says that the solutions agreed upon be “related, respectful, reasonable, and helpful.” Make […]


Parenting is a joyful career paradoxically fraught with constant, yet shifting challenges. The challenges seem to grow along with our children and we hurry to keep pace. Developmental psychologists and teachers sagely advise that children of every age undergo predictable periods “mental leaps” – and that these are good!  The flip side of those mental […]


 Today’s post is sponsored by:   Michaelene Dawson defined Creative Parenting as a parenting philosophy that uses a deliberate creative approach to the process of leading the family, and focuses on nurturing the creative growth of every family member. No parent or family lives in a vacuum, so finding – and forging – parenting creative […]


What if?

October 2, 2013

What if every child was allowed to grow to their full potential?  What if every child had the chance to participate in activities to help them grow, instead of stifle their natural born creativity? Did you know children often display intellectual playfulness, or the ability to work with “what ifs” and create amazing ideas.  Maybe […]