2014: 31 Days of Cherished Parents; Flourishing Children

Positivity opens your mind

October 3, 2014

Research shows the experience of frequent positive emotions serves to broaden humans’ thoughts and behaviors, resulting in accrual of resources, including coping resources, which catalyze upward spirals toward future well-being.  As expected, frequent positive emotions during school were associated with higher levels of student engagement and negative emotions with lower levels of engagement. Positive emotions, […]


Health and Ties

October 2, 2014

Studies show that quality ties to others are universally endorsed as central to optimal living.  Close and caring relationships are undeniably linked to health and well-being at all stages in the life span.  You need these relationships to help you, which allows you to help your children flourish.  So get out there and have some […]


Welcome to AP Month 2014

October 1, 2014

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary of Attachment Parenting International.  This year’s theme is  Cherishing Parents, Flourishing Children.  Prepare to hear about the importance of FAMILY relationships and dynamics. From our Blog APtly Said “That’s what Attachment Parenting International is trying to do – to change culture from one that ignores the critical importance of attachment to […]