2014 Cherished Parents; Flourishing Children


October 13, 2014

Merriam-Webster defines cherish as:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download a :  to hold dear :  feel or show affection for b :  to keep or cultivate with care and affection :  nurture  What makes you feel cherished?  Are there people you enjoy being around because they bring out these feelings?  Or maybe it […]


2014 is the 20th anniversary of Attachment Parenting International, an organization dedicated to the well-being of children and families and founded to network with parents, professionals and like-minded organizations around the world. API’s mission is to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful and empathetic children in order to strengthen families and create […]


One way to define is a child is happy is to say that they experience many positive emotions and behaviors. And children who are happy do not experiencing frequent periods of intense, negative emotions and negative behaviors. Positive emotions and behaviors: joy pleasure excitement relates well to others active participant in wide range of activities achieving […]


Children Flourishing

October 8, 2014

Are your children flourishing?  Some examples are: Joyful living, bathed in nurturing love and a sense of trust Awareness of and skills for connecting to others Developing one’s capacities to the fullest with autonomy guided by empathy Are you flourishing? Awareness of and responsibility for the web of life Using one’s gifts and capacities to […]


Studies suggest that a parenting style characterized by warmth, inductive reasoning, appropriate monitoring, and clear communication fosters a child’s cognitive functioning, social skills, moral development, and psychological adjustment. In contrast, parenting practices involving hostility, rejection, and coercion have been shown to increase the probability of negative developmental outcomes such as delinquency, psychopathology, academic failure, and […]


Well-being and the child

October 6, 2014

(1) How is child well-being defined? (2) What are the domains ofchild well-being? (3) What are the indicators of child well-being? Results indicate that well-being is a commonly used but inconsistently defined term frequently included in the study of child development.There are five distinct domains of child well-being: physical, psychological, cognitive,social, and economic. Positive indicators […]


High parenting stress has been connected with negative consequences for both parent and child.  Within the examined age-range (6 months to 3 years), child gender or age did not relate to parenting stress. Older, less educated and single mothers reported more stress. A higher stress experience was also associated with more care-taking hassles, psycho-social problems, […]