Giveaway Days!

What’s a Giveaway Day and how does it work?

On each day during October, right here on AP Month Central’s home page, we feature a short Daily Calendar post to provide inspiration, breath, affirmation, humor, information and meditation on our AP Month theme.

On the Daily Calendar posts that ran between October 17 and October 31 this year, we featured seven Giveaway Day announcements  that are clearly identifiable in the bodies of the posts.

We’re letting everyone¬† in on the secret and opening up a virtual Giveaway Day “scavenger hunt” to round out our AP Month celebrations.

Revisit the Daily Calendar posts between the 17th and the 31st, click to “read the full article” and follow the instruction on each of the Giveaway Days to become eligible for those items.

What are you waiting for?!¬† Subscribe to the AP Month Daily Calendar and give us comments on upcoming Giveaway Days between October 18 – 31 to become eligible for some great giveaways! It’s and easy, free and enjoyable way to participate in AP Month!

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