2017 AP Month Blog Event

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This year’s AP Month theme is an excellent fit for blogs!  We’re exploring “Word Power:  Communicating for Connection” and invite bloggers to reflect

Blogs that best illustrate the topic will be selected for showcasing during AP Month in October on APtly Said.

We’re particularly interested in how you use your word power in your own family to communicate for connection.  We’re also interested in in other ways you might be working to use your word power to connect.

Check out the guidelines below, mark your calendars for invitation dates and get ready to send in your creative moments in parenting!

1. Write a blog post that demonstrates our theme.

2. Kindly remove any promotional and advertisement features from your posts. (Interested in promoting yourself or your product with API? Contact adverstising@attachmentparenting.org for more info.)

3. We loves photos!  So, if you have one to include, please send it (with proper credit and license).

4. Submit a link to your post via email to APIblog@attachmentparenting.org and use the subject “AP Month 2017 blog event”.

5.  API will review all submissions and feature those that most closely demonstrate our AP Month theme.