May you feel cherished on this last day of AP Month

October 31, 2014

Just as children are absolutely dependent on their parents for sustenance, so in all hut the most primitive communities, are parents, especially their mothers, dependent on a greater society for economic provision. If a community values its children it must cherish their parents.

Bowlby, J. (1951). Maternal care and mental health. World Health Organization Monograph(Serial No. 2).

It is from this John Bowlby quote that API draws the theme for our 20th Anniversary and AP Month this year.  In closing AP Month today and our 20th celebration in two more months, we invite you to explore the ways you can help us continue this work that John Bowlby started so many years ago.

If you have not already considered or made a donation to API this year, please do so in our upcoming annual appeal.  API is 100% funded by individuals like you who believe in and support our work.

May you feel cherished every day and may your children and theirs flourish.


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