Who Cherishes You?

October 17, 2014

Take five minutes today and instead of going on Facebook, or using whatever your digital time filler / vice may be, write a list of 10 adults in your life who cherish you.

These can be people from your past or present, people from all aspects of your life.

Who are your champions?  Who makes you laugh?  Who do you turn to in times of need? Who remembers the time when you laughed so hard milk came through your nose? (Who made you laugh that hard?) Who always makes you feel welcome?  Who makes you feel loved? Who hugs you when you need it?  Who helps you with practical things?  Who comes through?  Did you count yourself?

“Cherishing Parents, Flourishing Children” is the theme of this year’s AP Month, but put another way , it might also read “Cherished Parents, Flourishing Children.”


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