Understanding Creativity

October 31, 2013

It is very exciting that creativity is getting more attention in research. An understanding of what creativity is is necessary to maximize creative potential. Five fundamental insights of creativity to consider include:
1) Creativity takes more than originality; it is a combination of originality and task appropriateness.
2) There are different levels of creativity:  “mini-c” represents interpretive creativity, “little-c” is everyday creativity, “Pro-C” is expert creativity, and “Big-C” represents legendary creativity.
3) Context matters. Avoid rewards, competition, social comparisons, and evaluative monitoring; create an environment of personal interest, involvement, enjoyment, and engagement in challenging tasks.
4) Creativity comes at a cost: it takes work, effort, and risk.
5) There is a time and place for creativity. It is important to teach and model how to assess a situation for appropriateness to use one’s creative strengths.

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