Mind Wandering

October 28, 2013

Did you ever emerge from a daydream with a “eureka?”  On the contrary, can you recall as a child (or even an adult!) being reprimanded for daydreaming?  What’s the deal with daydreaming and is there any benefit to it or is it a sign of weakness? 
Creativity research suggests that engaging in simple, external tasks that allow the mind to wander may facilitate creative problem solving.
How can we incorporate this knowledge into our families? Try these ideas out at home:  when problem solving or brainstorming for a new angle or new solution, engage in rote “automatic” or repetitive activities, such as crochet, casual basketball, “catch” with a football, or a simple sorting task, such as laundry sorting, to encourage the mind to wander.  What happens next?  Happy Daydreaming! 

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