Incubation and Creativity

October 27, 2013

Are you looking for a boost in creativity? Before doing a spacial task, try focusing first on a verbal task (such as anagrams) or, conversely, try focusing on a spacial task (such as mental rotation) in order to boost verbal fluency and creativity. Our brains seem to literally shift when incubating on the opposite type of task.Movie Carol (2015)

Knowing this, how might this shift our view of toddlers who throw their food?  Perhaps this spacial “task” helps them with verbal skills!  (Of course, the parental spacial task of cleaning up the food mess helps us better explain why food is not for throwing!)

What are ways we can encourage these shifts to help our children?  How do these tasks now help us understand the complimentary work our children are doing?  How does this task shifting help us to engage, disengage or re-engage when we find ourselves stuck? 

Verbal tasks might include explaining or describing something or persuading someone.  Spacial tasks include just about everything a child does in play that involves manipulating objects in three dimensions. 

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