Dual Pathway to Creativity

October 26, 2013

“The dual pathway to creativity model argues that creativity–the generation of original and appropriate ideas– is a function of cognitive flexibility and cognitive persistence.” (Nijstad, et al) Research further suggests that, while a positive mood stimulates cognitive flexibility, a negative mood stimulates persistence.

So stubbornness can be positive!  But, how does that help?! Is it possible for us to view negative persistence as creative potential?  This news wont prevent us from continuing to struggle with bouts of negative persistence in family life, but what if we use this new information to persist in new ways ourselves?  What if we persist in viewing this combination of characteristics as signs of creative potential instead of discipline-worthy behavior?   Within reasonable limits, of course.  

Where do your family members get hung up in negative persistence?  On reflection, can you identify the creative aspects of these incidents? Is working together more acceptable given this new perspective?  How can we guide our children to express themselves in ways that allow full expression, yet help others join in alongside them?


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