To Be Creative or Not to Be Creative, That is the Question

October 20, 2013

“Too often, we are given mixed messages from society about what behaviors are expected and valued. Creativity is supposed to be a good thing, something we aspire to achieve. However, those who are the most creative are often faced with the worst treatment and the most rejection for their ideas.  In order to be truly creative, you must break rules. That is what creativity entails. So do we want order, or do we want creativity? Can we have both?

These are questions posed in a engaging blog post by Andrea Kuszewksi and questions parents must grapple with daily as we attempt to gently guide our brilliantly creative children through a highly structured, rules-oriented world (sometimes thus for the sake of our own sanity!)

What are ways your family wrestles with creativity and rules/structure?  How do you work to nurture your child’s creative impulses and still guide them in pro-social development?  What is “good” rule-breaking?  Does it happen in your home?


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