Reciprocity between narrative, questioning, and imagination

October 18, 2013

Research on possibility thinking (PT) reveals a reciprocal relationship between narrative play, questioning, and imagination!

We know play is important for many reasons; this suggests a specific kind of play–together narrative, or story-telling play–has particular creative benefits.
Kick up the fun factor this week and play games of “pretend!”  Everyone benefits from increased PT and creative skills, and best of all, everyone has fun!
Need help getting started? Try some of these ideas and improvise your own!
  • Pretend like we’re half lion, half bat, and it’s our job to collect enough food to save the world from famine.
  • Pretend like sticks are food, and we must FLY to and then POUNCE on the food and hoard it right here by the fire pit!
  • Say to your child, “Pretend like _____” and fill in the blank with a story, complete with characters and a plot; then act it out. 

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