Creativity and Motivation

October 15, 2013

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The ethology of creativity as explored by John S. Dacey, and Cheryl A. and Scott D. Wright identifies three elements of a creative home environment:  respect for the child, stimulation of independence and enriched learning environment, which is the experience of a variety of interests.

If you’re feeling low on creativity or would like some ideas to boost the creative home environment, consider some of these (familiar?!) tips:

  • Allow children to contribute to the process of finding family solutions
  • Make time for plenty of reading and story-telling
  • Spend time drawing and painting, sculpting with play dough or clay or mud, building with blocks or found objects
  • Experiment together with raw materials such as wood, bricks, and tools or other objects around or near your home that would be considered “unusual” – maybe even “inappropriate” crafting objects (be sure to provide adequate supervision and establish safety guidelines)
  • Create costumes using household or found items
  • Invent play performances or puppet shows
  • Listen to music and learn about instruments
  • Explore and enjoy nature together

Repeating any or all of these on a regular basis can set loving traditions that are enjoyed for a lifetime.

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