Perfectionism and Creativity

October 13, 2013

We’re often worrisomely, busily going about doing all the “right” things for the love of our children and a desire for them to have the “best” opportunities and advantages in life.  It’s easy to get carried away sometimes without realizing it.

We all have perfectionist tendencies that we use in healthy ways to think convergently and arrive at decisions and organize our-selves.  Perfection is a valuable quality but balance is the key.

Creativity can be the antidote to the nagging of perfectionist tendencies. Creativity requires both convergent thinking AND divergent, expanded thinking.  When we feel disconnection with our children, it can be a clue to consider taking a wider, expanded, more divergent perspective.  To encourage creativity in our children, we have to be willing to engage in creativity in our parenting and divergent thinking is one way to engage creatively.

Some thoughts to consider when we feel the nag of perfection:  is love in charge here, or fear? Are we overly focused on results?  Are we focused on the forest or the trees?  Which will matter more in the long run?

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