2011 October 18 – Yoga Bliss

October 18, 2011

Take a break to release the tension of any day with movement.

Kids love to move their bodies, and from the young to the old one of the most simple and profound movements we can make is by just breathing slowly in through nose and out of nose.  Often it’s in this simple, automatic yet life sustaining gesture that we can regain our grounding in the frazzle of a day.

Stand tall like a tree, sit and touch toes, make up new poses and names for them.  Take turns showing each other how to do cool inventive poses.  No need to have done yoga before,  look around you and imitate nature!

Shanti (peace).

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Congratulations Kathryn for being the recipient of an AP Month Giveaway – a game courtesy of Million Minute Family! We’ll be in touch to exchange details, but thanks for playing the AP Month Scavenger Hunt!

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